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When you need a commercial roof replacement, Elevated Roofing can be a vital asset to your Stockton, Lanark, Apple River, Galena, or nearby Illinois business.

We offer proactive maintenance, in-depth inspections, and timely repairs or replacement to ensure the safety of your customers and employees, as well as, the efficiency and longevity of your commercial building.

The roof of your commercial property is subject to constant wear and tear from rain, snow, hail, and UV rays. Over time, this exposure leads to deterioration, compromising the roof’s integrity and effectiveness.

A damaged or aging roof not only poses risks to the occupants and contents of the building but can also result in costly repairs, lost energy inefficiency, and downtime.

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By recognizing the signs of roof deterioration and investing in Elevated’s professional commercial repair and replacement services, you can protect your property, assets, and occupants while enjoying the numerous benefits that come with a new roof.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; prioritize the health of your commercial property with a roof replacement before it becomes a potential hazard.

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Signs It’s Time for Commercial Roof Replacement?

Recognizing when it’s time to replace your commercial roof is crucial for preventing further damage and maintaining a safe and efficient environment. Here are some signs to watch out for:

Age – Your current roof is approaching, or exceeding, the manufacturer’s stated life span (usually anywhere from 20 to 30 years).

Leaks – Persistent leaks, especially after repairs, indicate underlying structural issues that may necessitate complete roof replacement.

Visible Damage – Cracks, blistering, or missing shingles are signs of wear and tear that require attention.

High Energy Bills – An increase in energy costs could indicate poor insulation or roofing material deterioration, prompting the need for roof replacement.

Roof Sagging – Any sagging or unevenness in the roofline suggests structural weakness and requires immediate evaluation.

Storm Damage – Your roof experienced significant storm damage, such as fallen tree limbs that poked holes in the roof. Note: insurance companies require a professional roof inspection to confirm any claims for a replacement due to storm damages.

The best way to be sure if you need a new commercial roof is an inspection by a trusted expert. An experienced commercial roofer can determine if your building necessitates a complete roof replacement or just some repairs.

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Commercial Roof Replacement Benefits

Investing in a new roof for your commercial property offers numerous benefits that extend beyond mere protection, including:

Enhanced Safety – A new roof ensures the safety of occupants by providing reliable protection against weather hazards and structural failures.

Improved Energy Efficiency – Modern roofing materials and installation techniques enhance insulation, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Increased Property Value – A new commercial roof enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, adding value with higher rents and potential eventual resale pricing.

Long-Term Savings – While the initial investment in commercial roof replacement may seem significant, it saves money in the long run by avoiding increased incidences of costly repairs and reducing energy expenses.

Peace of Mind – Knowing your business is protected by a sturdy and reliable roof lets you focus on your business and not roof issues.

Elevated Roofing Verified Company Reviews

Jeanne Peck

Matt was very responsive and had great ideas about our roof and gutter system. We only needed a minor fix and Matt was right on it. Highly recommend.

Jeanne Peck May 18, 2024
Ann Sertle

I would highly recommend elevated roofing for anyone needing a roof! Matt, Colton and their crew got my roof done in one day! They were fast , friendly, very efficient and very respectful to me and my property. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. They kept me up to speed on everything from the beginning to the end and did a walk thru to make sure everything was picked up and thrown away. I couldn’t be more happy with the team from Elevated Roofing!

Ann Sertle May 11, 2024

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Choosing Elevated for your commercial roof replacement is a wise business investment. Elevated Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor conducting business in Stockton, Galena, Apple River, Lanark, and the surrounding Illinois, providing a full range of commercial roofing services.

We stand by our work and use only top-quality roofing and underlayment materials. Elevated Roofing offers a 5-year unrestricted workmanship guarantee, as well as, the manufacturer’s warranties that come with their commercial products.

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