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Roofing underlayment on a home

What Is Roofing Underlayment?

Roofing underlayment doesn’t get as much attention as shingles do because they’re the most visible part of the roof. However, underlayment is the unsung hero of a good roof. It’s a layer of moisture-resistant material that goes underneath your shingles, helping to protect your roof from damage caused by water seeping through your shingles.

For years, roofers and contractors used felt for this purpose, but now synthetic materials have taken over. They’re more expensive but lighter, lie flatter, and offer better water resistance, saving you a big headache.

First defense waterproofing roofing underlayment

First Defense

Waterproofing Roofing Underlayment

The first defense in protecting your home from the elements is with a waterproofing roofing underlayment. This self-adhering material is installed at vulnerable areas of your roof, like around chimneys and skylights, to create an added layer of protection to guard against leaks caused by rain and ice dams.



You want the best of the best when it comes to keeping your roof watertight. That’s where CertainTeed WinterGuard® Waterproofing shingle underlayment comes in. Made from a composite of asphalt polymers, this rolled sheet of roofing underlayment is built to last. Not only is it vapor-tight thanks to the asphalt, but the polymers make it stretchy and adhesive too. This means it can stretch and seal around nails that might otherwise leave gaps for water to seep in. At Elevated Roofing, we know that protecting your roof is vital to keeping your home safe and dry. We feature CertainTeed WinterGuard® as our go-to solution for tackling water penetration in your roof’s most vulnerable areas.

Several options are available to meet the needs of every roof style, slope, and preference. Whatever surface type you choose, take comfort in knowing that you’ve made an informed decision to protect your roof for years to come.

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If you’re looking for superior traction during application, the granular surface with embedded granules may be the perfect fit.

The sand surface offers enhanced traction during application.

For those with metal, shingle, slate, or mechanically-fastened tile roofs, the high-temperature textured surface roofing underlayment of the metal option has you covered.

High Temp (HT)
If you’re searching for high-temperature and enhanced skid resistance for shingle, metal, slate, or tile roofs, the HT option covers you.

Second Defense Water-Resistant Roofing Underlayment


Water-Resistant Roofing Underlayment

Have you ever experienced a leaky roof during a rainstorm? It can cause severe damage to your home. This water-resistant layer of roofing underlayment acts as a secondary barrier against leaks, providing extra protection for your home. It’s like having a backup plan in case of emergencies.

CertainTeed’s DiamondDeck®

DiamondDeck® Underlayment

Specifically manufactured to offer unparalleled weather protection, ensuring your roof is well-protected from the elements. CertainTeed’s DiamondDeck® High-Performance Synthetic Underlayment is also designed with the roofing contractor’s safety in mind.

This synthetic underlayment can be used with various roofing materials, including shingle, shake, metal, and slate. What sets it apart from standard felt underlayment is its exceptional dimensional stability. In other words, it won’t warp or move around like other options.

One common issue of subpar roofing underlayments is how they can wrinkle and cause visible imperfections under your shingles. Luckily, DiamondDeck® eliminates the risk of wrinkling and has a top surface treatment that gives it outstanding slip resistance, even when wet.

CertainTeed’s RoofRunner™

RoofRunner Underlayment

RoofRunner™ is a synthetic polymer-based underlayment that’s a game-changer in the residential roofing industry – outperforming felt and other synthetics out there. Special treatment on the top surface provides unbeatable slip resistance, even in wet conditions. And with a roll size that’s four feet wide and 250 feet long, it quickly covers a lot of ground.

Based on a tough woven polyolefin reinforcement laminated between layers of specially formulated UV-stabilized polymer films.
It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard asphalt felt underlayment when wet.

Elevated Roofing Only Uses The Highest Quality Products Including The Underlayment

Elevated Roofing works hard to protect your home and your roof while strengthening its long-term performance. In order to do that, we have to have experienced roofers and use the best roofing products. Not just the shingles but the underlayment as well.

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Christopher Hilbert

Elevated was great! Matt has a very thorough process that will address any questions you may have. Everything was as quoted, no surprises. Very responsive and follows through on commitments. Quality of work is great, no issues. I would recommend Matt and his team for all skylight and roofing needs!

Christopher Hilbert July 19, 2024
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Elevated Roofing replaced my sister's home in one day. Extremely detailed, professional, and has a wonderful team of employees. Highly recommend.

Joan Fusek July 4, 2024


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