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Dimensional asphalt shingles
Luxury asphalt shingles

Type Of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles (also called composite shingles) are popular with homeowners in the Rockford and Stockton areas of Illinois for their durability (lasting anywhere from 15 to 30 years), affordability, and their good looks. Which is best for you will depend on the look you’re going for and your budget.

Elevated Roofing installs three kinds of shingles so you can calculate the cost of each:

Strip shingles – The original and most basic asphalt shingles, also called 3-tab shingles. But don’t let their plain appearance fool you. These shingles are tried and true. Made from a single layer of asphalt, strip shingles are lighter and come with a lower cost than others.

Dimensional shingles – Also known as architectural or laminate shingles, these are the most popular type. Made with two or more fused layers of asphalt, it gives them a thicker and richer appearance that replicates the look of wood shake or natural slate roofing.
Luxury shingles – The highest-quality asphalt type shingle out there. These luxury shingles aren’t just heavy-duty – they’re also stunning to look at. With their attention to color and dimension, you’ll swear they’re made of natural wood and slate.

What Can You Expect in Terms of Roofing Cost?

Here are the factors that calculate the low, medium, and high cost range of installing a new residential roof:

Roof length in feet

Roof width in feet

Roof difficulty (simple, average, or high and cut-up)

Roof slope (0 – 12)

Number of roof layers to rip off (1, 2, or no tear-off)

Number of skylights
Number of chimneys
Ridge vent length
Shingle type (strip, dimensional, luxury)

Residential Roofing Calculator FAQs

How long does a residential asphalt roof installation typically take?

It depends on several factors, such as the size of the roof, the complexity of the design, and weather conditions. Generally, the areas of Rockford and Stockton, IL can be completed in about two days, one to prepare the roof and the second to install it. Expect larger and more complex roofs to take longer.

Why do I need to hire a professional roofing contractor?

Installing a new roof requires specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment. Professional contractors have the expertise to ensure proper installation, handle any challenges that may arise, and provide warranties for workmanship. Not to mention they are licensed, bonded, insured, familiar with local building codes, and obtaining permits.

Elevated Roofing provides a 5-year guarantee!

What are the advantages of choosing asphalt shingles for residential roofing?

Asphalt shingles are relatively affordable compared to other roofing materials, available in a wide range of colors and styles, and offer good durability and resistance to fire and wind. Asphalt shingles are also relatively easy to maintain.

How long do asphalt shingles typically last?

The lifespan of asphalt shingles varies depending on the quality of the shingles, climate conditions, and proper maintenance. On average, asphalt shingles can last between 15 to 30 years in Illinois. Higher-quality shingles and regular maintenance can help prolong their lifespan.

How are asphalt residential roofs maintained?

Regular yearly roof inspections check for any damage, such as missing or loose shingles, and address them promptly to prevent water damage and mold inside the residence. It is also important to keep the roof clean from debris and remove any moss or algae growth.

If you are not comfortable getting on your roof, we offer a roof maintenance service to take care of that for you.

Can you put asphalt shingles over an existing roof?

In some cases, it is possible to install asphalt shingles over an existing roof, depending on local building codes, the condition of the existing roof, and the number of layers already present. However, it is generally recommended to remove the existing roof before installing a new one to ensure proper installation and prevent future potential issues.

How do I choose the right asphalt shingles for my roof?

Take into account your budget, desired appearance, durability, and climate in your area. Ask your licensed roofing professional for guidance based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Does the installation of an asphalt roof come with a warranty?

Absolutely. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, Elevated Roofing offers a five-year guarantee on our workmanship.

Are permits required for residential asphalt roof installation?

Permit requirements vary by location. Elevated Roofing works with your local building inspector to secure the proper permits and obtain the necessary approvals. We are very knowledgable in the Stockton, Rockford, Galena, Lanark, and Apple River areas.

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