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Roof Repairs Stop Small Problems From Becoming Big

No one wants to admit that their residential roof may need a repair or two, but it’s important to take care of that right away before a small issue becomes a big costly problem.

Over time, your roof wears out. Not to the point where you need complete roof installation, but damages from branches and other debris, especially during extreme weather conditions, can warrant our roof repair services on your residence.

Also, your house settles over time, which can cause cracks in your roof. So, the occasional repair to address these issues helps extend the useful life of your roof and prevents having to hire our company for a much larger project.

Signs That You Need Repairs To Your Roof

The one sure sign you might need our residential roof repair services is if you experience leaks from your ceiling, especially during heavy rainfall. That means something in your roof—missing shingles, faulty flashing, cracks or holes—is allowing water to penetrate your home.

That’s perhaps an extreme case when you know for certain you need your roof repaired. But it could very well be the case that your roof has some minor damage that you aren’t aware of, and wouldn’t know about unless you got on a ladder and took a look at the roof yourself.

Even if you aren’t afraid of heights, we don’t recommend getting on the roof yourself. Because an untrained eye can easily miss where some minor repairs are needed. And if you miss those spots, they eventually become major roof repairs.

repairing roof shingles that were damaged during storm

Repairs From Regular Inspections Can Prevent Full Roof Replacements

repairing the roof

Performing Residential Roof Repairs

Mostly, our roof repair service typically involves:

Patching small leaks

Replacing missing or damaged shingles and/or other roofing materials

Fixing shingles with curled corners and sealing cracks

Repairing flashing and resealing around skylights and/or chimneys

Fixing any punctures or holes

Major residential roof repairs involve more extensive structural fixes to correct issues related to extensive water damage, mold growth, and/or shrinkage. In some cases, it may require replacing large sections of roofing and possibly replacing the entire roof of the home.

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Roof?

How long roof repairs take depends on the overall quality of your residential roof and the extent of repairs performed. However, in many cases, repairs can be completed in a day.

Elevated Roofing company provides you with a complete estimate detailing what residential repairs are required, what it costs to perform the roof repairs, and how much the residential repairs cost.

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Elevated Roofing Verified Company Reviews

5 Over 36 Reviews
Elevated Roofing did a great job on our roof. They were the only company to notice the storm damage and push us to talk to our insurance who ended up covering 99% of our roof! Matthew was very communicative and determined to do the best job he and his crew could. He was patient, informative and always looked out for any extra problems that our roof was hiding. The work his crew did is really good and our roof looks amazing now. He even was able to fix some other issues on time and help us to get a roof that will last us as long a possible. We are really thankful to him and to him for savings us thousands on our roof. Highly recommend.
Simon did a fantastic job, helped with the insurance claim stayed in contact answered all questions supervised job and followed up. We are very satisfied with the experience with Simon and Elevated Roofing
Elevated Roofing is awesome! They replaced my huge roof in a day and a half. Can not say enough good things about them.

Best Local Roof Repair Company Near Stockton & Rockford

Residential roof repair requires an experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor with a commitment to the highest safety precautions and roofing standards. Your Elevated Roofing contractor is fully licensed and insured, providing you full protection in the unlikely event any accidents or damages occur during the roof repair process.

Elevated is one of the most trusted residential roofing repair companies in Stockton and near Rockford, Illinois. We deliver the highest quality repairs, materials, and customer service. Getting you the best bang for your buck, that will last the long-term.

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