Quality Commercial Roof Repair Keeps Your Building & Everyone In It Protected “Over Head”

Get a professional roofing company to regularly inspect and repair your commercial roof before small issues become major costly issues. Out of sight, out of mind is not a luxury you have as a business owner in or near Stockton, Illinois.

Think about it, your roof makes up about a third of your commercial building. Which also represents about a third of your asset investment.

But since a commercial roof is largely something you don’t see on a regular basis, it is easy to forget just how important a roof is to preserving your business and safeguarding those who work there and shop with you.

There are a number of reasons why commercial roofing periodically needs repair:

Wear and tear over time

Improper installation

Standing water resulting from clogged drains or gutters

Punctures caused by hail or other debris

Storm & wind damage

Long-term exposure to chemical exhaust/extreme weather conditions
Commercial flat roof leak

Flat roofs, a popular option for many industrial buildings, are particularly susceptible to water leaks and damage because they are, well, flat. If properly installed, flat roofs drain properly. If not properly installed, they are candidates for water damage over time. Even properly installed flat roofs are susceptible to damage due to heavy snowfalls that remain for long periods and terrible storms that wreak havoc as they cross the Midwest.

If you address small problems in your roof now, you avoid much bigger problems that are much more costly and can impair your bottom line. To prevent small problems from becoming big emergencies, commercial roofing repair is better made sooner rather than later.

How to Know Whether a Commercial Roof Needs Repair

The one sure sign your commercial building needs roofing repair is if you are seeing water leaks from your ceiling, especially during heavy rainfall. Something in your roof—missing materials, faulty flashing, cracks, or holes in the roof—is allowing water to penetrate your roof.

So if you aren’t seeing leaks, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Well, no. It could be the case that your roof has some minor damage you aren’t aware of that if left untreated, could easily turn into that leak.

This is why we at Elevated Commercial Roofing Company recommend regular roof inspections, performed at least annually, even sooner if you’ve recently experienced a severe storm. Elevated Roofing works with you not only to provide commercial roof repairs resulting from storm damage but help you work through the insurance damage claims process.

commercial metal roof may need repair

Proactively Protect Your Commercial Roof—A Valuable Asset!

At a time of your choosing, Elevated Roofing conducts an onsite evaluation of your commercial roof’s condition to identify any concerns in need of repair and provide you with a detailed inspection report—all at no cost to you.

Experienced commercial roofing contractors carefully examine your building’s roof for missing materials, pooling water, cracks or holes, mildew or mold, rooting materials, and pest infestations, as well as related roof components, including fascia, gutters, soffits, and seals. Our roof inspection also includes removing any leaves or debris as well as mold that eventually can damage your roof.

large commercial roof inspection

Commercial Roofing Repairs

Commercial roofing repairs typically involve services such as:

Patching small leaks

Replacing missing or damaged roofing materials

Repairing flashing and resealing

Fixing any punctures or holes

Removal of debris

In some cases, commercial roof repairs require replacing large sections of roofing and possibly replacing the entire roof. Elevated Commercial Roofing is dedicated to performing according to the highest standards in workmanship backed by a 5-year guarantee (without any restrictions), using nothing besides high-quality materials, and safety to deliver the best roofing solutions for all of our commercial clients’ needs.

Elevated Commercial Roofing Services

Elevated Roofing offers the best commercial services in and near Stockton, IL including the following…

commercial roof with damages in need of repair

Free Commercial Roof Inspections

Based on our thorough inspection, Elevated Commercial Roofing provides a detailed recommendation on what repairs are warranted and estimated costs. The recommendation includes photos of any damages we find.
Commercial roof cleaning

Debris removal and cleaning

We remove debris and powerwash your commercial roof with an eco-friendly solution to remove dirt, mold, and algae. We then apply another environmentally friendly treatment to further clean and protect your roof from the elements.

Professional quality commercial roofing services

Commercial Roof Replacement

If your commercial roof is near the end of its manufacturer-recommended lifetime or has suffered extensive damage that cannot be cost-effectively repaired, a new roof may be necessary. Elevated Roofing works with the best available commercial roofing products from CertainTeed & Mule-Hide, achieving superior performance by combining the latest innovations in leak protection and energy efficiency.

Commercial roofing coatings and membranes

Commercial Coatings & Liquid Membranes

A liquid-applied roofing system forms a fully adhered, seamless, and self-flashing membrane that preserves and protects building integrity. Commercial coatings are specially formulated acrylics, silicones, or polyurethanes to extend the life of your commercial roof while also protecting it against weather and ultraviolet light.

Commercial property roof leak repairs

Leak Repairs

Even a minor roof leak can have a significant impact on your facility’s integrity and disrupt your operations. Repairing active leaks as soon as possible minimizes water damage to your commercial building and roof assembly. A single roof leak can cause mold damage to valuable inventory and/or equipment. Leaks are also a legal, comfort, and safety concern for your customers and employees. The causes could be holes or cracks in your roof, damaged flashing, and/or areas where the roof membrane buckles, allowing water to get through.

Commercial roofing emergency repairs

Commercial Roof Emergency repairs

Excessive storm damage? Heavy snowfall got you worried? Is water leaking directly and heavily into work areas? You need it repaired fast. Get quick response and peace of mind with Elevated Commercial Roofing emergency repair services. Whatever the issue, we’ll find it and make the necessary repairs so your business can carry on as usual without worrying about problems overhead.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems We Can Repair


Elevated Roofing Verified Company Reviews

Elevated Roofing did a great job on our roof. They were the only company to notice the storm damage and push us to talk to our insurance who ended up covering 99% of our roof! Matthew was very communicative and determined to do the best job he and his crew could. He was patient, informative and always looked out for any extra problems that our roof was hiding. The work his crew did is really good and our roof looks amazing now. He even was able to fix some other issues on time and help us to get a roof that will last us as long a possible. We are really thankful to him and to him for savings us thousands on our roof. Highly recommend.
Simon did a fantastic job, helped with the insurance claim stayed in contact answered all questions supervised job and followed up. We are very satisfied with the experience with Simon and Elevated Roofing
Elevated Roofing is awesome! They replaced my huge roof in a day and a half. Can not say enough good things about them.

Our 5-Year Guarantee To You

Your commercial roof repair requires an experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor with a commitment to the highest safety precautions. Elevated Commercial Roofing is fully trusted, licensed and insured, providing you full protection in the unlikely event any accidents or damages occur during the repair process due to workmanship.

Make Elevated your new go-to roofing contractor if you’re located near Stockton, Roscoe, Apple River, Lanark, Galena, or the surrounding Illinois area. We deliver the highest quality commercial repair and roofing systems that fit your needs and your budget. That’s why our clients consistently rate us 5 stars.

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