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Need Your Roof Inspected?

You need a roof inspection if your residential roof is getting close to its lifespan, you are experiencing leaks during heavy rainfall, or you’re seeing mold spots on some of your walls.

And when we say “you,” we don’t mean you personally should inspect the roof, but rather you need to get a comprehensive roof inspection performed by an experienced and licensed roofer. Putting aside your personal safety in climbing a ladder and getting up on a roof, there are more than a few things an inexperienced eye is likely to miss.

Roof inspections conducted by trained professionals with the necessary knowledge and expertise can best identify any issues that potentially affect not only your comfort and safety but also your home’s resale value or business operation.

Proper residential roof inspections provide you with the peace of mind that your roof is functioning properly and is safe for everyone. If your roof is damaged, an inspection can help you understand the kind of work needed to repair it and how much to budget for the cost of roof repairs or, in some cases, roof replacement.

Roofing inspections are conducted for one of two reasons:

As part of regular roof maintenance

Prior to assessing a roof problem that may require repairs or even an entire roof replacement

Roof maintenance involves regular upkeep and inspection of your roof to ensure it is in good condition. Regular roof maintenance involves inspecting and repairing any minor damages, cleaning away debris, and ensuring proper drainage. Regular maintenance and inspection prevent costly damages and extend the life of your roof.

Before any roof service is conducted, a licensed, trained, and experienced Elevated roofer looks for missing shingles, pooling water, cracks or holes, mildew or mold, rooting wood, and pest infestations, as well as underlying structural conditions to determine if a new roof or repair is warranted. Equally important, Elevated measures your roof to provide an accurate quote for services and recommend a maintenance plan to extend the useful life of your home’s roof.

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When is a Roof Inspection Necessary?

There are basically four reasons to perform a roof inspection:

Your home building is experiencing leaks during storms, and/or mold is appearing on your walls or ceilings.

Every three to five years to ensure the integrity of your roof and/or as part of your regular roof maintenance scheduling. If half of your roof’s life expectancy is past, and you haven’t yet done a roof inspection, the time to do a roof inspection has arrived.

Your roof experienced storm damage, such as fallen tree limbs, several roof shingles found on the ground, and/or water or mold spots on the ceiling. Your insurance company requires a professional roof inspection to confirm any claims for storm damages.

If you’re buying a home, a roof inspection assesses the roof’s structural integrity; any issues discovered could help negotiate a lower purchase price to reflect the likelihood of repairs. At the very least, you gain the knowledge you are buying a home with a proper roof.

Elevated Roofing Verified Reviews

Christopher Hilbert

Elevated was great! Matt has a very thorough process that will address any questions you may have. Everything was as quoted, no surprises. Very responsive and follows through on commitments. Quality of work is great, no issues. I would recommend Matt and his team for all skylight and roofing needs!

Christopher Hilbert July 19, 2024
Joan Fusek

Elevated Roofing replaced my sister's home in one day. Extremely detailed, professional, and has a wonderful team of employees. Highly recommend.

Joan Fusek July 4, 2024

Elevated Professional Roof Inspection

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Choosing Elevated for your roofing inspection is a wise investment to ensure your roof is in top condition. Elevated Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor servicing Stockton, Roscoe, Galena, Apple River, Lanark, and other nearby areas in Illinois, delivering the highest quality, comprehensive roof inspections. We are a full-service roofing contractor that also installs, replaces, and repairs residential roofs; Elevated Roofing also provides related insurance and maintenance services. Customer satisfaction is our primary motivation to ensure you or your business is safe with the integrity of a long-lasting roof over your heads.


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